Doctors OST (SBS TV Drama)

valoaDoctors OST (SBS TV Drama)aa

Item: Doctors OST (SBS TV Drama)
Package: CD, Photobook
Version: Korea
Release Date: 03/08/2016
Weight: 500g

Price: RM90
SS: + RM 4

Track List:
01. No way [박용인(어반자카파),권순일(어반자카파)]
02. Sunflower [윤하]
03. 그 애(愛) [정엽]
04. 넌 예뻐 [정호(2MUCH)]
05. 여우비 [SE O (젤리쿠키)]
06. No way (inst.)
07. Sunflower (inst.)
08. 그 애(愛) (inst.)
09. 넌 예뻐 (inst.)
10. 여우비 (inst.)
11. School
12. From me to you
13. Beautiful Lies
14. Chromatic Surgery
15. Doctor’s Memory
16. Healing heart
17. Into The Time
18. Table Death
19. Pitter patter
20. Awake Surgery
21. Hurt and Heart
22. Sad Goldspoon
23. Good-bye My Fellow
24. Code Blue
25. Doctors in love


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